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Anonymous said: YOU HAVE A CAT? I've always wanted a cat, my parents promised me one if I got good grades, but I didn't really succeed😰 Can you tell me about your kitty? (Also I feel like you're getting a lot of asks, so I'm going to start signing mine) -C

hahaha yes I don’t know what happened today, usually no one talks to me and today i have a lot of people sending me asks ahaha

i’ve had a lot of cats, but right now i only have one and she’s two months old, and today she learned how to climb onto the table and made a mess hahaha

Anonymous said: That's kinda scary, pretty soon you'll be an adult then have to do your own laundry and make your own meals

omg don’t talk to me about that. i can’t even take care of my cat. HAHAHA 

Anonymous said: Can I see a picture of you ?

omg i’d die of embarrassment

Anonymous said: Yes, that makes you super important! Have you been through high school or are you still in it?

this is my last year of high school :) i can’t wait to finish it

Anonymous said: You love me? Aw, cool! Hey congrats on being the first person to love me on tumblr. Anyways... I have another question. How often do you paint your nails?

I’m glad to hear that i’m the first one :) that makes me important right? hahaha. 

I used to paint my nails all the time, like every day but then like a year ago I got tired and I never painted them again hahaha

Anonymous said: What's your name, beautiful?

marti :) and yours?

Anonymous said: Oh then sorry I guess I have completely got the wrong person. ✌️

hahaha it’s ok. your messages were really cute tho. bye ily

Anonymous said: What does one dog say to the other dog? "We have four legs and fur!" (See? It's funny because it's really literal.)

hahahaha ily

Anonymous said: And then you blocked me or you deleted your account or something but I just care about you okay? And even if you don't care, I'm here, always will be.

omg i think you’re mistaken, i don´t really know anyone in the fandom and i didn’t delete any account. I was trying to understand this anons but I don’t think is me you´re trying to talk to :/

Anonymous said: No I know that you don't, I've been texting you just to see if you're okay not to freak you out or bug you, I was crying bc I didn't know what happened to you, is it crazy for you to believe that some people actually care about you from the kindness of their heart not bc they want something in return?

oh my god. are you even real? why wouldn’t i want to talk to you? you’re amazing

i found it crazy but thanks for caring about me. you´ve made a horrible day so much better just with this messages

Anonymous said: Alright, next question. Never mind, I can't think of one. I tell jokes, though. They're so un-funny that they make people laugh. Do you wanna hear one??

yesss! i love un-funny jokes (and that’s true actually)

Anonymous said: omfg I almost had a heart attack thank god you replied but yeah I know you don't want to talk to me but I hope you get everything you want and deserve in life bc you're really something special.

no!!! i do wanna talk to you. please talk to me :) :)  I don´t know who you are but you´re amazing and I love you 

Anonymous said: You know who it is, and I'm scared rn, it is real.

omg what. don’t be scared. ily

Anonymous said: I'm going to ask you a question now... Does your hair seem like it's tangled ALL THE TIME? Because mine's like that.

ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I mean 5 minutes after I brush my hair it’s already a mess, hahahahaha.